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  • 세계를 향해 외쳐보세요!

    Hey! My name is Migaella and I’m 21 years old. I come from France and I live near Lyon. I love so much horse riding, I like also the football, Basketball ( just play with friends).

    I love listening to music, because without music life is more bland. My musical style is mostly rap and pop even if I listen to all styles.

    I love the series as American horror story, La casa de Papel, Stranger things, ...
    And my favorite movies is The pirates of the caribbean, horror movies, ...

    I am on Penpal mainly to improve my English and to meet people

    Do not hesitate to come talk to me I do not bite ;)

  • 저는 ~에 대해 이야기 하는 것을 즐깁니다.

    I love talking about horses because it's my passion, but also share my knowledge about other animals such as snakes, rabbits, dogs and cats.
    Because my passion about them influenced my school orientation ...

    I also like to talk about fashion, makeup, series, movies and music with my friends.

    I am someone talkative :D

  • 좋아하는 책/작가/영화

    I like reading in general, but I have a preference for manga.
    I also like watching anime.

  • 저는 ~에 대해 흥미를 느낍니다 (신납니다).

    I plan for a few months to leave some time abroad and specifically in the United States.

    I have known through my high school Schools Education first, and thanks to her I will be able to leave realized my dream.

    At the moment I'm saving money to go to Santa Barbara, California.

  • 1년동안 외국 생활 하기

    If I should live abroad for 1 year I think I would be au pair see who can study 😂
    So I would probably go to an English-speaking country like the United States, England see Australia

  • 다른 문화에 대한 나의 관심

    For me it's the way of life, the language but also the customs, the different legends of the country.

    ♡ Filmography
    ♧ Landscapes

  • 장애물 없는 경력

    If I could choose a career like that I think I would choose actor.
    It's a job best paid to the world
    and be someone else for a moment it's pretty cool
    and also give life to a character to give him a few things that no one else could give him is really too good. 😍😂

  • 만약 내가 어린아이였다면

    I would have loved, that my parents pay me language holidays in English-speaking countries :D