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  • 내가 방문한 도시와 국가

    I have visited Germany: Dortmund, München, Augsburg, Friedrichshafen, Berlin, Sögel
    I was nine times in Croatia: Split, Trogir, Zagrzeb, Primošten, Dubrovnik.
    And I was two times in Hungary.

  • 저는 ~에 대해 이야기 하는 것을 즐깁니다.

    I like to talking about ski jumping 😍😍 I love this sport ! I have watched every competition since 2016.

  • 세계를 향해 외쳐보세요!

    Hello everyone !

    I want to know a lot of people from the all world. I would like to meet more friendly people and learn some new language 🙂
    Most I would like to learn Spanish or Danish language
    I'm interesting ski jumping. I love this !
    I would be very happy if someone wants to learn me a little bit these languages.
    I learned economic, i like travel, and good films. I live in Poland, but I spend a lot of time in Germany.
    Write to me ! 🙂
    If you want we can talk in facebook, or whatsapp

  • 미래에 대한 나의 느낌

    Every day is new experience

  • 최근에 ~를 배웠습니다.

    I learned new vocabulary in German language. I would like to improve this language, because I want to live in Germany in future 🇩🇪😊

  • 좋아하는 책/작가/영화

    I like fantasy and horror films. I watch a lot of american crime and horror series.
    My favourite film is: the Guest

  • 지금으로부터 10년 후

    I think that i could be in a big city or small town. It doesn't matter, but for me is important that I will be with my family and my friends 🙂